Fresh Kid rubs shoulders with Chameleone, hunts twitter PRO

Chameleone and Fresh Kid

On Tuesday, Uganda’s youngest rapper Patrick Ssenyonjo aka Fresh Kid alongside his team, visited Leone Island singing doctor Jose Chameleone.

“I had a visitor with his team, We had a great talk through how best we can support the talent of My lil’ Star Fresh Kid,” Chameleone later said in a social media message.

The singing doctor said he discovered how intelligent “this young man” is besides being humble unlike as seen on TV.

“We shall advise back and forth about his passion for music not forgetting Education is paramount,” he pledged.

While Chameleone called Fresh Kid “humble”, the toddler had earlier tweeted saying he doesn’t take pictures with dummies [replicas of human beings].

“Freshkid himself & The king herself.  Cindy  ………. I don’t take pics with dummies. Nooo Neda……. Long leave the king herself #Cindy,” he tweeted while sharing a picture of himself and singer Cindy Sanyu.

He then announced a search for a Public Relations Officer to handle his social media pages especially twitter.

Fresh Kid and Cindy

“I need a New Twitter P.R.O….. Regarding the replies on my previous two twists, I saw alot of people with the potential of becoming better P.R.O    . It’s open until tomorrow at this time. Apply now please.”

He added: “So far have got 36 Applicants already. Keep Applying… deadline is tomorrow at 16:00pm. Gudnite fellas. Glory be to the Lord.”      



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