Christian women nearly lynch preacher for calling them prostitutes

A woman brandishing a stick to beat up a preacher in Mbarara on Sunday

There was drama at All Saints Church in Biharwe trading centre Mbarara district on Sunday when women nearly lynched their preacher for calling them prostitutes.

It all started before the Sunday service when the women who sing in the choir asked their preacher Asaph Atuhaire to give them uniforms.

The preacher reportedly refused accusing the choir of singing songs he doesn’t like.

The women turned rowdy, grabbed sticks and threatened to beat up the man of God until sense returns to his head.

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The chaotic scenes attracted police officers led by the District Internal Security Officer [DISO] who broke up the riot.

The women still demanded the expulsion of Atuhaire from their church and trading centre.

“Did you come here from Kamwenge to just eat our money? He doesn’t want us to sing some songs,” said one of the furious women.

“He calls us prostitutes yet we find him brothels. He was a Muslim and a mechanic,” said another woman.

They called upon the Bishop of Ankole Diocese, Rt Rev Dr Sheldon Mwesigwa, to take Atuhaire somewhere else before they give in to their better judgement.

“We want bishop Sheldon to come and take his preacher,” shouted the women.

Police managed to calm them down and normalise the situation while rescuing the preacher from being lynched.

Police then decided to close the church until the situation is resolved.



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