Kabaka run: Besigye races to end sickle cells

Besigye at Lubiri in Mengo

The People’s Government President Dr. Kizza Besigye Sunday participated in Kabaka’s Birthday run that started and ended in Luburi, Mengo.

Besigye’s aide, Ronald Muhinda, said from a week long busy schedule in Western Uganda, the opposition figure went straight to participate in 10km Kabaka’s Birthday run race.

Besigye took part in 10Km run which he completed ahead of many other participants.

“No one went passed him, but instead, he went passed many people,” Muhinda said.

“Many people, including the young, he started with didn’t go beyond Kabaka’s roundabout. He pushed on to the end.”

According to Muhinda, this is the same energy and power Besigye uses in the struggle. “That is why I believe in him.”

The birthday run organised every year by Buganda Kingdom is to celebrate His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s birthday and also raise funds to support Fistula and sickle cells causes.

Besigye greets Buganda Premier Peter Mayiga


Besigye has been under severe criticism from the electoral commission and sections of Ugandans for forming a people’s government on one hand and refusing to join the “Democratic Party Bloc”, a new coalition of opposition leaders.

EC Chairperson, Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama, told Parliament and Ugandans to ignore the People’s Government, describing it as “political comedy”.

Appearing before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee on Friday, Justice Byabakama described the parallel government as political mockery.

On the other hand, Muhinda attacked opposition leaders who have been criticising Besigye for not joining their coalition.

He said during The Democratic Alliance [TD] Michael Mabikke (himself and Lubowa Henry) sold SDP to Gilbert Bukenya to enable Bukenya sit on the TDA Summit.

“To sit on TDA summit, you had to have a political party or entity of sorts to which you were it’s Presidential flag bearer or President- regardless of whether you were elected by delegates (in delegates Conference) or self appointed.”

Gilbert Bukenya joined TDA on SDP card. He presented SDP as his political entity. In TDA records, SDP was for Bukenya.

FDC had Kizza-Besigye, DP Nobert Mao, UPC had Jimmy Akena and Olara Otunnu (Jimmy Akena withdrew UPC to support Museveni), Amama Mbabazi had Go Forward, SDP had Gilbert Bukenya, CP had Ken Lukyamuzi and Erias Lukwago had TJ.

During TDA, as an individual and not SDP leader, Michael Mabikke was fully behind Amama Mbabazi and at some point, declared himself official spokesperson of Amama Mbabazi campaign team, Muhinda explained.

“Not a single time did Mabikke refer to himself as SDP because he had given it to Bukenya to enable him join TDA.”

Before TDA concluded business on 20th Oct 2015, Bukenya with SDP in his pocket, had rejoined Museveni and made public pronouncements how Museveni was stronger and his opponents weaker. Bukenya and SDP went to support Museveni.

Similarly, Jimmy Akena withdrew UPC from TDA and also went to support Museveni. Akena’s partner in UPC in TDA Olara Otunnu stayed without a party. To this day, after TDA, Otunnu went into a semi-retirement.

“Now, with Bukenya still holding onto SDP, I saw Mabikke owning SDP at Hotel Africana and re-joining DP. When did he regain it from Gilbert Bukenya to take SDP back to DP?”

He added: “By the way, Nobert Mao, Abed Bwanika, Samuel Lubega Mukaku and Michael Mabikke are all DP. So what did they unite on? As DP members, what were they signing?”



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