Ugandan arrested for rape in US given Shs370m bail

Mayanja Daudah, 37, of Waltham (right) with his attorney, Kim Giampietro, during his arraignment in Boston Municipal Court

Daudah Mayanja, the Ugandan Uber driver has been given a whopping $100,000 (Shs370m) bail by an American court.

Mayanja, a herbalist and a director of Bamutaasa Herbal Joint Clinical Research Centre in Kampala, was arrested for alleged assault and rape in Boston last week.

The assistant Suffolk District Attorney, Mr AlexaRae Wright told court that the victim had called for the ride-share service through her phone.

Mayanja picked her up and they proceeded onto Storrow Drive, where the alleged sexual assault began while the vehicle was in motion.

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The prosecutor said Mayanja then pulled the car over on the Esplanade near the Hatch Shell and allegedly assaulted her again.

Her cell phone rang and she was able to escape.

The Boston Municipal Court judge Richard Sinnott asked Mayanja to deposit the money and his passport in court and also wear a GPS tracking bracelet.

His lawyer Kim Giampietro asked the judge to grant Mayanja bail, saying that he had lost his wife and had 12 children.

Mayanja pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has since placed a detainer on Mayanja.


The prosecutor told the judge that should the bail be an amount that is lower, it is highly likely that the defendant will be deported.

“We will not be able to prosecute him and seek justice for the victim in this case,” Wright said.

According to Mayanja’s lawyer, the woman was high on drugs and the scuffle happened as he tried to restrain her.

“The client was high on drugs. She even tried to climb to the front seat, which the driver was not comfortable with. At some point along the drive, the driver pulled over and told her that he did not want her to smoke marijuana inside the car, she got out of the vehicle to smoke and Mr Mayanja kept waiting for her,” the lawyer said.

Mayanja maintained his innocence in a telephone interview with WCVB.

“That information that aired outside is wrong and false,” Mayanja told WCVB. “She jumped from the back seat to the driver’s seat. When I pulled over, she jumped out from the car, (and) I left the scene. I called my bosses because, after, I noticed that she left her bag inside my car. I called the Uber offices to tell them about the situation.”

Mayanja said he received a phone call from police shortly afterward.

“She reported to the police that somebody, the driver, tried to rape her,” he said.

Mayanja told WCVB that he drove himself to the state police barracks, gave his statement and was arrested.



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