ABOMINATION: wanted gay house wife Jessicah Namawejje goes missing


This newspaper can exclusively reveal that a one Namawejje Jessicah house wife to a Kampala based businessman (names withheld), who is wanted by police over a case of engaging in abominable sexual practices prohibited by the law has gone missing.

According to our source at Kanyanya police station, the husband of Jessicah in cohorts with her parents , reported her to the family division, for absconding her marital obligations for a relationship she was having with a fellow female only identified as Grace.

It is believed that Jessicah was initially married off by her parents in 2001, in a bid to solve their financial shortcomings and further her education which they couldn’t afford.
However, it was discovered that indeed it was Jessica who had induced the Violence after her husband discovered her ‘unsual’ sexual preference.

Jessica Namawejje

It is said that a family meeting that was attended by her father , demanded that she apologies and denounces her immoral vice or further action would be taken.

Victoria University

It is at about this time that the husband again, found out that she frequented a known cayenne club and Rainbow ‘dizzy drops’ situated at the then Centenary park in Kampala.

The husband then reported to the police for the third time and Jessicah was summoned.It is believed that between March and April of 2019 when she was to appear before the authorities that she disappeared and she still sought after.

It is illegal for one to engage in homosexual activities in Uganda , and if convicted under the penal code , one is sentenced to life imprisonment.



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