Mbarara demolishes g-string designs to restore Rusiina

The new designs have been demolished [Photo credit: Radio West]

Authorities in Mbarara town have demolished the unwanted designs that were being erected at Amahembe g’ente junction.

This came after a fierce social media campaign running under the hash tags #RestoreRusiina and #BringBackOurCow.

Residents and Ugandans all over the country rejected the new designs calling them “fallopian tubes”, “female ovaries” and “g-string knickers”.

The roundabout was famous for its striking and magnificent Ankole bull known to locals as “Rusiina”

Victoria University

When the pressure became intense, Mbarara town mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi, told media he would restore the iconic bull to respect the culture of Banyankole.

Mayor Kakyebezi said someone is going to mould the bull again.

“The old cow had a broken horn, it needs to be replaced. We have a beautiful Ankole cow which they are making and will be put back.”

The original symbol of a long horned cow was moulded by Sam Rwemijumbi.

Meanwhile, Airtel Uganda issued a statement saying it is not behind the structural changes of the Mbarara roundabout.



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