Victoria University’s Dr Krishna named world youngest Vice Chancellor

Dr Krishna

Victoria University Vice Chancellor Dr. Krishna N. Sharma has set a new record as world’s youngest Vice Chancellor.

This is according to “Unique World Records”, a world record book published in India.

Edited by Sababbi Mangal, the book was originally published in 2009.

The reference book now published annually, listing all world records in the categories of amazing facts, biggest, business, collections, etc.

According to the book, Dr Krishna became vice chancellor at the age of 32 years, months and 15 days.

He was appointed on 9th July 2017 as vice chancellor at Victoria University in the Ugandan capital, Kampala.


Dr. Sharma’s literary career began in Mau in 2005.

He has written over 100 books on medical and health sciences, music and literature and a few of them were listed in the bestsellers list on

Starting in 2007, Krishna N. Sharma started as an Assistant Lecturer and then Head of Department & Vice Principal at Jeevan Jyoti Institute of Medical Sciences, Allahabad, India; Dean at St. Louis University, Cameroon; and Dean Faculty of Health Sciences at Victoria Univeristy Kampala and now our Vice Chancellor.

He is at the Vanguard giving strong leadership and firm strategic direction to the University’s mission and vision.

Dr. Krishna N. Sharma the youngest Vice Chancellor in the world is 3 times world record holder educator, researcher and prolific author with more than 25 best-sellers out of his more than 125 published books.

He sold books in trains at the age of 12 years and started his first business at age 16.

He studied Physiotherapy and became a celebrity physiotherapist, serving in various famous TV shows.

He is also a graduate in Music and is certified in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).



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