Bobi Wine can’t get 2% in presidential election- Ofwono

Bobi Wine and Wadri embrace

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, says Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is a passing wind and will soon be forgotten.

“It is the government that started the national identity card program and we welcome all actors to help us mobilise people to get them (identity cards),” Opondo said.

“Can this (getting IDs) overwhelm President Museveni? Absolutely not,” added the Uganda Media Centre boss who was Tuesday morning appearing on NBS television.

Whether the opposition comes as one block or not, Opondo doesn’t think the opposition block exceeds 40% in Uganda and doubts they (opposition) will come together.

“There is a false feeling that there is a new kid on the block and many people are running there. NRM is methodical, systematic and resilient,” Opondo explained.

He said there is no political organisation in Uganda that represents qualitative meaningful change than the NRM.

The change Ugandans want is socio-economic transformation, Opondo noted, adding that the people of Uganda will want a solid group go with.

“Do the people of Uganda see the opposition as a solid group? I don’t see them seeing you in that light, even you yourselves, don’t see yourselves as a solid group.”

He went on: “I think Bobi Wine is a passing cloud. The real candidate from the opposition I am telling my party (NRM) to watch out for in 2021 is Dr. Kizza Besigye.”

He added: “FDC has a more solid ground than Mugisha Muntu, Jeema and People Power. I do not think the candidate Asuman Basalirwa is running around with, can even get 2%.”

Basalirwa, the Jeema party president who was appearing on the same show, said if it is People Power or People’s Government, they should come on board.

“You cannot dismiss people who are calling Ugandans to get national identity cards. I am happy there are different forces coming together to work on the change we want.”

He added: “What is important for us as the opposition is to be very consistent in whatever we do. We need to understand that we fetch an entrenched regime.”

Host: Is President Museveni weak?

Basalirwa: I do not want to regard him as weak.

Host: Is he strong?

Basalirwa: Yes but he is surmountable.

Opondo: I do not think the candidate [Bobi Wine] Asuman Basalirwa is running around with, can even get 2%.

In response, Basalirwa said the candidate NRM fears will be known as days go by.

“It is very easy to know that NRM is scared of a person. He’ll be suffocated, arrested, there will be manoeuvres to evict him from Kamwokya and his music shows will be stopped.”



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