UPDF arrests SPLA soldier on Ugandan soil

A South Sudanese SPLA soldier is pictured in Pageri in Eastern Equatoria state in 2015.


UPDF soldiers have arrested an armed South Sudanese soldier inside Uganda’s territorial boundaries, reports Uganda Radio Network [URN].

UPDF soldiers attached to Bana Bana Military Detach in Madiopei Sub-county in Lamwo District intercepted Lance Corporal James Onyango on Saturday.

The soldier who had an AK47 assault rifle and 59 rounds of ammunition, is attached to the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army-SPLA Lion Battalion.

Victoria University

James Nabinson Kidega, the Lamwo Resident District Commissioner, told URN the soldier claimed to have reportedly got lost from his unit.

Kidega told URN Onyango who only speaks Arabic, was first detained at Bana Bana Military Detach and later transferred to Padibe Police Station.

Kidega further told URN that the soldier was spotted by civilians in the jungles of Ngomoromo in Lokung Sub-county before he crossed to the neighbouring Paloga Sub-county heading to Agoro, which borders South Sudan.

Onyango was reportedly trailed by UPDF for two days before he was rounded up.

In December 2018, an armed South Sudan singer, Mr Grace Samuel Rom alias Wajarasi was arrested by UPDF soldiers after straying into Uganda to carry out illegal poaching.



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