Kagingo, Ann Muhangi tip women on career, leadership

Ann Muhangi

Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU) on Thursday held a “PRAU Diva dialogue” at National Water and Sewerage Corporation [NWSC] Innovation Centre in Bugolobi, outside Kampala.

Speaking at the dialogue, PRAU President Sarah Kagingo said they are committed to growing membership and is happy to report that the newly joined members were around.

“As some of you are aware now, the GC recently announced a modest increase in the subscription amounts. This was because we need to gradually move our Association towards sustainability.”

Sarah Kagingo

Kagingo said the aim of the dialogue was to commemorate “Women’s Month”.

She said the plan in putting together this activity was to use the day to trigger conversation that drives inspiration, for both women and men.

“We sincerely hope that this talk shall help us have greater impact, not just among ourselves or employers, but also the general society we live in,” she noted.

Kagingo speaking at the dialogue

Ann Muhangi Kyoshabire, a life Coach and CEO of Wholesome Consult, who was the Guest Speaker of the day, said the past causes headache or heartache, the future causes anxiety.

“Dump negative thoughts and live from the heart. Deliberately introduce positive energy to your life,” she advised.

Speaking on leadership, she said: “We have been taught to lead people with an iron fist, to shout and back at. When you start leading with love, you cut people some slack, you become a better communicator and serve better”.

Speaking on when to move from a salaried job to self-employment, she noted: “Is it better to keep at a job you do not love for the next years or risk and do what you love, and watch it grow? Do you want to live or merely exist?”  

She added: “Do you have a written budget? Do you save? Do you have passive income? Emergency fund? What is your retirement plan?”



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