Bible says I’ll resurrect like Jesus when I die-Museveni

President Museveni

President Museveni has Friday opened the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] Parliament Caucus Meeting with a discussion about building a resilient, integrated and self-sustaining economy.

Museveni said all are either Christians or Muslims and should follow the teachings of the bible.

“And how did we become Christians. 2,000 years ago, Jesus was crucified, he was put in the grave and on Sunday he rose from the dead. And after 40 days, he went to heaven.”

Museveni says he wasn’t there but heard the story and it’s written in the bible.

“The bible says that Mr. Museveni, don’t worry, even when you die, as long as you are a good person you will resurrect…And here I am! I am Yoweri, hoping to resurrect when I die as Jesus resurrected.”


Museveni said right from the bush days, an integrated economy was his point fifth of the 10 point programme.

He said the poverty figure has fallen from 56% in 1991 to 21.4% currently, clarifying that this means that some people in Uganda are living very well.

He said some of the causes of the fall of poverty figures are on account of government action by spending on education, water, health etc.

“NRM insists on “waking up” all Ugandans so that they become part of the money economy. I do not know whether the situation is the same in Nigeria where some people abstain from earning money yet they need it,” he said.

He said the people below the poverty line in 190s were above 56% and the people below the poverty line today are 21.4%.

This figure had gone down to 19.7% however it raised again two years ago “when we had a very bad drought”.

President Museveni told NRM leaders not to leave people in their area doing nothing but to discuss with them what they can do.

“We may not be in position to support them at a go but through Saccos, we can even support them at ago.”

“We are now in the process of solving the problem of electricity, we have enough electricity now and we are continuing to generate more to make it cheaper for manufacturers.”

Museveni said he does not know whether the situation is the same in Nigeria where some people abstain from earning money yet they need it.

He said the main roads are now good but the good roads are for passengers not cargo, noting that the answer to cargo is railway and water transport.

“Two years ago, we brought the French to train the army and I went to visit them in Kasese. They put me aside and told me “We are very worried, these people learn quickly”. They were used to training illiterate people who take long to learn.”

“Only 32% homesteads are in the money economy, so you wonder, how would poverty be only 20%, when only 32% of the homesteads are in the money effort. 68% are just sitting at home doing nothing.”

Museveni said what is remaining is a more investor friendly atmosphere, free of delays and corruption of public officials and more public funds to convert our idle youth to owners of small businesses.

“I want to thank you for passing the loan of the hospital (specialised government hospital in Lubowa) because you were about to sabotage my three projects.”

“That Italian lady (investor) is going to build a coffee processing factory in Namanve, she has already built a children’s hospital in Entebbe. All these were at risk and I’m glad you decided well.”



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