Police denies having Bobi Wine’s Tundra

The Toyota Tundra

Uganda police has denied possessing Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s Tundra truck.

The tundra has been parked at Arua Police Station since August 2018 when Bobi Wine was arrested in the municipality.

Police claims the tundra they have belongs to someone else who kept it with them following Arua chaos.

Speaking to press, Bobi Wine said he has seen very many surprising things happening.

“If police surprises you with its contradictions…I mean, we are no longer surprised by this impunity,” he added.

The Toyota Tundra which was covered with People Power stickers is the same vehicle Muhammad Kawuma, Bobi Wine’s driver was in when he was shot dead.

According to media reports, the vehicle is used as a lodge where low income earners and some security officers who allegedly bed women inside it.

Bobi Wine’s Tundra packed at Arua police station

Late last year, Bobi Wine’s supporters even started an online campaign dubbed “Free our Tundra” to demand for the return of the car.


Meanwhile, Herbert Wanyoto, the West Nile chief investigator, told Gulu Magistrate’s Court on Thursday that the complex passwords in the suspects’ phones that were confiscated during the arrest in Arua are hindering police’s investigations with the Forensic team unable to unlock them.

Grade One Magistrate Isaac Imran Kintu gave police up to the end of the month to bring a list of all items confiscated from the suspects during their arrest last year.

Bobi Wine and other 33 Arua suspects had appeared in court for the mention of their treason case.



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