Prof Barya: someone will in 2021 get 1% like Mbabazi

Prof Baryamureeba

Former Makerere Vice Chancellor Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba says people can come up as candidates for the 2021 elections but one thing to be sure of is President Museveni is going to bounce back as president with an even higher margin.

The former presidential candidate said in Buganda where opposition figure Kizza Besigye has been getting many votes, Kyadondo East MP Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi is coming up to contest for the presidency.

“So at the end of the day, the opposition in Buganda will be divided,” said Barya Wednesday while appearing on NBS television.

Towards the actual date of voting in 2021, many opposition people will stay home. Majority of the people who will vote will be NRM members, Barya noted.

“When you see attacks on Besigye, they can come from anywhere including his own supporters, this shows that people are going to fight when it comes to choosing an opposition candidate and one of the candidates is going to end up with 1% like Amama Mbabazi.”

He said if Gen. Mugisha Muntu’s ‘New Formation’ fully becomes a political party, many of the FDC members who had joined it are going to shun it, they will only fully go to it when they are chased from FDC.

Henry Kasacca, the executive director of the Dialogue and Democracy Training Centre, an activist group that supports political institutions, says in multi-party politics, the political party plays the linkage role between the voters and politicians.

He said politicians in Uganda are playing the linkage role between the political party and voters because political parties are inactive.

“In 2021, there is going to high voter turn up because there is too much hype for the elections.”

He added: “If a political party is to grow, it has must have a disciplined way of political conduct. If people are behaving in an indisciplined manner, they may be subjected to a disciplinary process.”

He advised people in NRM to ensure they agree on the terms of disagreeing.



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