In Busoga 1 out of 4 girls is a mother, says Quiin Abenakyo

Quiin Abenakyo

Quiin Abenakyo, Miss World Africa was part of the “Africa Now” summit that kicked off Tuesday at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

Speaking at the summit, Abenakyo highlighted issues that affect the youth and the need to be tackled by the Africa Now summit.

According to Abenakyo, in Busoga region alone, one out four girls is a pregnant mother.

Abenakyo together with the Miss Uganda Girl Child School programme has helped to educate girls and keep them in school.

Victoria University

“When you educate a girl child you educate a community.”

Singling out unemployment, child marriages and teenage pregnancies, Abenakyo hopes that the summit will come up with lasting solutions to these challenges.

“In my opinion, the youth should venture more in technical fields such as agriculture as well as developing and exploiting their talents instead of having to depend on the scarce white collar jobs,” she said.

President Museveni had downplayed the education that forces youth to look for jobs instead of creating jobs for themselves.

“It is wrong to have a uni-dimensional approach to addressing Africa`s problems. It should be comprehensive. For instance, if you prioritise education over producing enough electricity to support industrialisation, where will the educated get jobs?”

“I’m not worried about the unemployed graduates because those are the children who would have died many years ago,” he said.

“An example is Miss World Africa Quiin Abenakyo who was born in 1996, 9 years after we (NRM) had introduced Universal immunization,” he said.



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