FDC to write to Sezibera as Rwanda burns bridges


Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is in the process of writing to Rwandan foreign minister, Richard Sezibera, over escalating tensions with Uganda.

FDC spokesperson Ibrahim Semujju Nganda told media on Monday at the party head offices in Najjanankumbi that the People’s Government minister for foreign affairs will write a letter to Rwanda to find out the real issues that have caused the standoff at the border.

Citing heavy losses to the Ugandan business community, Nganda said if they receive a response from the Kigali government, they will share it with religious leaders so they can lead a dialogue between citizens.

“They may forget about Museveni and the leadership in Rwanda but we can have a dialogue between the citizens of two countries,” Nganda said.

Rwanda destroys bridges

Meanwhile, Uganda Radio Network [URN] reports that Rwanda has destroyed all temporary bridges erected by Rwandans along Uganda’s borderlines in Katuna, Gatuna and Mukensiyoona in Katuna town council in an attempt to prevent Rwandan nationals from crossing to Uganda. 

For the last one week, the Rwandan border at Gatuna in Kabale district and Chanika in Kisoro district have been closed, blocking entry of hundreds of cargo trucks transiting through the busiest crossing point to Kigali and several other destinations. 

Sezibera accused Uganda of harbouring dissidents planning to topple the Kagame administration.     

Since the borders closure, Rwandans have been crossing into Uganda via the Gatuna and Mukensiyoona river streams to buy especially food and medicine.

But Rwandan soldiers and police officers have now destroyed all the temporary bridges that were constructed along the streams.

There are Rwandan police officers deployed at every footpath connecting the two countries.

The police officers at the footpaths are supplemented by heavily armed soldiers who are keeping a watchful eye at the borderlines.

Rwandan nationals and Ugandan locals have confirmed the unusual deployment of heavily armed soldiers along the borders.    

Katuna town council mayor Nelson Nshangabasheija says that tension is still mounting across the region.



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