Rwanda will not make it alone, Uhuru tells Kagame

Kagame receives Kenyatta at Gabiro

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has met with President Kagame at the National Leadership Retreat [Umwiherero] during his working visit to Rwanda.

Kagame Monday welcomed Kenyatta to Gabiro where they held a tête a tête meeting on the sidelines of Umwiherero.

“I have come to see how you work, I am impressed and want to replicate it,” Kenyatta told Kagame.

Kagame gives Kenyatta a ride in his personal car

“This is one of the best relationships, in terms of our linkages. We are brothers and sisters, bound to the hip and as leaders our role is to continue to see how we can deepen that.”

On Rwanda-Kenya relations, Kenyatta called it one of the best relationship.

“We have challenges, but I am convinced that with good will, and good intentions, which is what we have for our people, we will resolve even those challenges that are ahead of us.”

Kenyatta said he was really proud of the manner in which Rwanda has turned around from a country that was on its knees to one of the brightest stars on the African continent.

“I keep telling my brother today I am fighting hard to overtake him in terms of ease of doing business and he keeps telling me: do your best!”

Kenyatta said he was hopeful and prayerful that Rwanda is in for a great year 2019.

“Rwanda alone will not make it, Kenya alone will not make it, but together we have a huge and tremendous potential of growing prosperity for our people and our countries.”



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