Isimba hydro power project will be ready this month

Kiggundu receives Kadaga

Eng Badru Kiggundu says the Isimba Hydro Power project will be handed over to government on 21 March 2019.

Eng Kiggundu, the chairperson of the Project Steering Committee, was Monday receiving Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga at Isimba Hydro Power site for a meeting and later tour of the project.

Kadaga was seeking an assurance from the contractor of the Isimba Hydro Power project that the bridge to be built across the River Nile close to the dam will be to the standard and wide enough.

Eng Kiggundu assured the Speaker that the contractor is committed to building a standard bridge and that there will be supervision to the same effect.

Eng Badru Kiggundu

Her visit is hinged on appraising the progress of the HPP a head of its official commissioning by the head of state.

Later, she toured of all the key installations. The dam will add 183MW of power to the national grid.

“It was good news to me hearing that the power project will be commissioned at the end of this month adding another 183 megawatts of power onto the national grid,” Kadaga said.

She was however concerned that part of the contract was breached during the construction where there was inequitable distribution on jobs to the locals.

“We agreed that there should be a level of equity between Kayunga and Kamuli but I have never seen any staff bus going to Kamuli. There was lack of equity in employment.”

She sought an assurance that the bridge connecting the two districts will actually be built.

“One year ago they wanted to commission the project but I told them that they will only commission when the bridge has been constructed. I want an assurance that the bridge and the road are going to be done as part of the terms of the contract.”

Kiggundu assured her that bridge will be in two spans; one from Kayunga to Kuva Island and the other from Kuva Island to Kamuli side.



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