Police deploys on Rwandan border, patrols crossing points

The Police Spokesperson CP Fred Enanga addressing the media at Police Headquarters Naguru on the general security situation in the country.

Uganda police force says it has continued to actively monitor the situation along the Ugandan side of the border between Uganda and Rwanda, five days after it was closed to commercial trucks from the Ugandan side.

The border supports bilateral trade between Uganda and Rwanda with thousands of commercial trucks crossing each year, in both directions with goods.  

In addition, thousands of individual, cross the border each day thus demonstrating the integral role the border plays, as both an economic and social lifeline.

Police spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga, told media in Kampala on Monday that as a result of the delays in processing people or passengers and or closure of the border for commercial trucks carrying merchandise to the Rwandan side, there is an increase in traffic congestion that could have a negative impact on both countries economic and ways of life.

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The police are patrolling all the border crossing points on the Ugandan side to ensure safety of all truck drivers, and their merchandise. 

“We want to use this opportunity to call upon all stakeholders including members of the Regional/District Security Committees, Local Government Leaders, Opinion Leaders, Business Community to ably communicate with one another, and implement the new cross border procedures and processes, and further allocate and deploy resources to meet the specific traffic needs on the Ugandan side, as we await a political and diplomatic solution to the problem.”

He added: “We want to however, reassure the public that business on the Ugandan side is normal; despite the disruption in travel on the Rwandan side.”

He cautioned the media and in particular the online channels, who are trying to alarm the situation, to observe their reporting in a balanced manner.



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