Nambooze: people power full of Mbabazi diehards fighting opposition

MP Nambooze

Mukono Municipality MP Hon Betty Nambooze has asked the opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] party leaders to cease investigating the rowdy youth who attacked Kizza Besigye in Bulange, Mengo.

“I would have been worried if any leader came out to praise those people who attacked Besigye,” Nambooze said on Tuesday while appearing on NBS “morning breeze programme”.

“We have had three days to sleep over this matter and I kindly request the FDC members to withdraw that position of investigation. We should move on.”

Nambooze said if they respect each other as opposition, the possibility that they shall merge into one group is high and this is what the people of Uganda want.

She said the homework is to preach nonviolence as a method and demonstrate it.

“When we continue attacking each other in the opposition, Museveni will be vindicated. We (opposition) shall become the culprits and yet we are the victims.”

She added: “If you look at people running at the frontline of people power, it is people who supported Amama Mbabazi strongly. What they got as an addition is Hon. Abed Bwanika and Bobi Wine.”

Nambooze said Amama Mbabazi [former Prime Minister] had gone silent and his supporters were looking for a home. They have now naturally found a home in people power.

“If you feel that Besigye has been around for too long, go and campaign on that line, if he has become irrelevant don’t demand support from him for the new candidate. If you think he has some support to give to the new candidate, you will win him over.”

Nambooze  said people power was supposed to be a unifying voice as the opposition but slowly, people are succeeding in making it an entity competing with others as though it is a political party.

“None of us has the will or even capacity to eliminate the other but once we start violence and open the window of violence our true enemies will take advantage of it and get at us.”



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