Bobi Wine is new opposition leader not Besigye, says Bwanika

Dr Abed Bwanika

People’s Development Party (PDP) Party President Dr. Abed Bwanika has distanced himself from reports claiming he was part of the attack on Kizza Besigye outside CBS radio offices in Bulange, Mengo.

While appearing on NBS “morning breeze” programme Tuesday, Bwanika said no sane politician will support anyone to practice violence because of any disagreement.

Host: Your name has been cited in the Besigye attack.

Bwanika: My name has always been cited where Besigye and Bobi Wine are mentioned.

He said Mukono Municipality MP Hon. Betty Nambooze and Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago were attacked some years back around Kiwangala.

“There was no people power then, so you cannot claim that this (attack on Besigye) is what characterizes people powe,” he said.

“People power has leadership that is why my name is put wherever there is people power.”

Host: What is your role in people power?

Bwanika: I am one of the leaders in people power. I am a strategist.

He said some elements in Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] must come to terms with the fact that there is a new element on the scene and that is people power.

“They should also accept that there is a new player called Bobi Wine.”

Dr. Bwanika said Besigye has been the de facto leader of the opposition for the last 20 years.

Currently, he noted, the people of Uganda do not believe that Besigye should be the de facto leader.

“I think the emerging leader of the opposition is Bobi Wine [the Kyadondo East MP real names Robert Kyagulanyi].

Bwanika said Besigye has done his part, he should give space for other people to emerge especially if he means well for the opposition.

“If there is someone who can lead us in this dispensation, let us come up and support that person.”

Host: Is Besigye the defacto opposition leader?

Bwanika: Besigye has been the leader for the last 20 years no doubt. Currently many Ugandans opine he should be the defacto leader.

Host: Who is?

Bwanika: I think the emerging leader now is Bobi Wine. I heard Besigye the other day asking “what have I not done”? I now answer him. Mr Besigye, what you have not done is you have not delivered to the people of Uganda.

Host: Is Besigye the problem of opposition?

Bwanika: He will soon become one of the problems. I have disagreed with the concept on which Besigye has founded his opposition especially in the last 10 years.

2Telling people you cannot change government through an election is demoralizing. You should tell the people to get national IDs,” he explained.



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