Muntu slams Besigye attack: let’s not use Museveni violence

Mugisha Muntu unveiled his new political party at Hotel Africana

New Formation [NF] founder Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu has advised opposition members not to employ the same methods that President Museveni’s regime uses against opposition.

Muntu was speaking about the attack on opposition figure Kizza Besigye while leaving CBS radio offices in Bulange Mengo over the weekend.

Over the weekend, it was reported that a rowdy group of people identifying themselves as supporters or members of People Power heckled Besigye, Muntu noted on twitter.

He said while the real identity and motives of these people are still a matter of debate, opposition can’t give what they don’t have.

“While opposition groups may disagree about how to secure the future we want, we must ensure we don’t resort to the underhand, violent, undemocratic methods that the government regularly employs against those who disagree with them.”

He therefore condemned the actions of the aforementioned group and thanked Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine for swiftly and decisively disassociating himself from them.

“Our opinions on how to achieve the Uganda we want may differ, but we can disagree without being disagreeable,” Muntu said.

He was challenged by an individual running a twitter handle @Coming2Uganda who said: “@mugishamuntu why I strongly doubt you & your intentions is that, what is it that U want 2do that U couldnt do “within” @FDCOfficial1 & who stopped U? Secondly we’re all into this @NRMOnline mess due2 the “underhand & undemocratic methods” U used2 selfishly grab power. ARE U GENUINE?”

Muntu replied: “My decision to leave @FDCOfficial1 was in the interest of harmony within the opposition. That’s always been my position.”

He added: “While I can & will keep repeating this, the real question to answer for yourself is whether my track record warrants that you believe me or not. #CountryBeforeSelf.”

Earlier, Democratic Party President Norbert Mao condemned the incident urging opposition members to have a contest of ideas not “gangsterism” masquerading as political debate.

“I’m glad Bobi Wine has distanced himself from it.”

Speaking on the matter, Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi said People Power movement is a non-violent movement.

He said those who have followed the politics of this country will understand that such stunts and machinations have in the past been stage-managed by the state and some other actors to achieve political objectives.



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