Besigye, Amuriat rally Mayuge for year of action

Besigye in Mayuge

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] President Patrick Amuriat and People’s Government President Kizza Besigye Sunday joined other senior leaders and Mayuge FDC leadership to participate in the Mayuge District Assembly to strategise on Action 2019.

Mayuge District Assembly is the second Assembly organised by the larger Busoga Region Assembly, the previous one having been held in Iganga.

The Assembly arrangement adopted and implemented by the FDC is the brainchild of the People’s Government that seeks to fully decentralise the operations of the Local Government.

The Mayuge Assembly collected FDC leaders from all the 493 villages, 83 parishes, 16 Sub Counties and 3 constituencies that form Mayuge district who assembled in the rural Kaluba A village, Busakira Sub County, Bunya South Constituency.

Amuriat, Besigye and Nandala Mafabi
Victoria University

Addressing the leaders, Besigye challenged them to understand what the essence of anti-President Museveni struggle saying the struggle is about “pursuing human development of all Ugandans through provision of education that is knowledge based and supports innovation and research”.

Besigye also sensitised people on the “struggle for justice, equality and fairness” saying without justice, there is social strife, insecurity and disorder.”

He said Mayuge and Busoga generally is ready for 2019, the year of action!

Amuriat, on the other hand, said the party and the People’s Government  have “100% working relationship” indicating that while the party will “manage political bureaucracy, the People’s Government will pursue political change using non-violence means.”

Amuriat also warned political saboteurs saying “FDC and People’s Government condemn violence and we shall not make a distinction between NRM regime and opponents who attack us.”

At the function, two ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] leaders and mobilisers Ziija David NRM District Councillor Malongo Sub County/ Bwonda Town Council and Juma Muzeyi Chairman Kaluba A, where the function took place, were very critical of NRM regime and pledged to work with the People’s Government for good policies.

FDC party said it is prepared for all eventualities, whether bullets or teargas.

“The fear of expecting them and so we should give up is not in our plans. So we go ahead and do what we do! That is what a struggle is all about! You don’t give up!”



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