Mob nearly lynches Besigye calling him NRM mole

Mob tries to lynch Besigye outside CBS radio in Bulange-Mengo

While leaving CBS FM in Bulange-Mengo on Saturday, a group of youth thronged the Radio Station compound in an attack on opposition figure Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] said in a statement that its team was investigating to find out more details about who these young people are, who sent them and why they want to harm Besigye.

“Using violence to advance a political debate or to win an electoral contest has never been our position or policy,” FDC noted.

“We condemn all acts of violence against anyone. Our position is using nonviolent means of struggle to liberate ourselves from bad governance.”

It added: “We do call upon all our members and supporters to stay calm and remain focused to the struggle! We cannot afford to be diverted. We shall overcome all this someday!”

Besigye’s aide, Ronald Muhinda, said the former FDC President had been invited at 88.8 CBS FM 10-12pm to address the nation on People’s Government and Year of Action 2019.

“When I saw many uninvited Journalists inside Masengere, I knew something was not right,” Muhinda said, confirming the attack on Besigye.

“As President Kizza Besigye responded to their questions inside CBS reception, I went out to establish if it was all okay. I later established Simcard Holder 0755635553 had mobilised journalists to come and cover what they had planned to do.”

“Later, I heard Mubiru James asking journalists whether they had covered story well. But when mobilising against KB, or want to deploy hooligans against him, please, put forward your best and bravest. Anybody else will be scattered properly and some will take wounded or as prisoners of war!”

He added: “One of the prisoners of war has disclosed who mobilised them and how much they were paid. Mubiru James was just on-scene coordinator.”

The youth who were donning red caps attributed to “People Power Movement” of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, claimed Besigye is confusing them.

“We want peace. If Besigye can’t join Bobi Wine, let him join Museveni and we know that he betrayed us a long time ago. He is confusing us. We have supported him for 20 years,” an angry youth said.

The youth claiming to be allied to Bobi Wine accused Besigye of being a ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] insider masquerading as an opposition sympathiser.

It was the Deputy Mayor Lubaga Asuman Ntare who rescued Besigye from a rowdy youth mob.

Muhinda said Democratic Party [DP] has been in Opposition since 1954 but DP leaders like James Mubiru, Chief Mboowa and others claim they have supported Besigye since he started anti-Museveni struggle when they are young, now they are old, so they want him to stop the struggle.

“But these DP leaders are not complaining about their party which their grandparents supported and has never formed government except working in and with every government since Independence! I think we need to be truthful. Btw, why do you want support by force?”



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