Besigye ‘disempowering’ regime as Mao slams gangsterism

Former Presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye

Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has condemned as ‏unfortunate the incident where a group of rowdy people accosted opposition figure Kizza Besigye after his talk show at CBS radio in Bulange Mengo.

Saying the attack must be roundly condemned, Mao urged opposition members to have a contest of ideas not “gangsterism” masquerading as political debate.

“I’m glad Bobi Wine has distanced himself from it.”

Speaking on the matter, Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi said People Power movement is a non-violent movement.

“We do not condone acts of violence against anyone. Let me once again implore all our supporters across the country to understand this and put it into practice.”

Bobi Wine said regardless of any real or perceived disagreements in the strategy or tactics of taking the struggle forward, everyone must treat each other with respect.

He said those who have followed the politics of this country will understand that such stunts and machinations have in the past been stage-managed by the state and some other actors to achieve political objectives.

Call for unity

In an interview with Daily Monitor, Besigye said opposition in Uganda needs an elaborate network of leadership that can bring them together to act.

“That is again what we have been building. We have built an elaborate network of leadership both seen and unseen,” he told Monitor.

He said the seen leadership is highly vulnerable to attack, to compromise, to arrests and detention depriving the people of leadership.

“So we have both, the seen and the unseen and it is built through an elaborate effort and we believe we significantly achieved that by the end of 2018.”

“The third stage is then to take action that is why we call this year the year of action and the actions we take are fairly easy to understand. They are actions to weaken those holding our power and to continue to strengthen those without power.”

He added: “The actions we take are non-violent, it is very important, because then again the regime propaganda and all other people’s kind of propaganda tend to suggest that when you refuse to cooperate with the regime you are violent because that is what we do largely, disobey the regime, don’t cooperate with it. It is our right.”

Besigye said their actions are centred around disempowering the regime and the empowering the population through non-violent actions, which they are going to be undertaking this year because they believe the country is set.

“The lingering weakness or challenge we have is disunity in our leadership, the leadership of pro-change actors, there is still lack of leadership but we are working overtime to make sure that that weakness too is either eliminated or contained so it doesn’t undermine what is being done.”



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