Plane inventor Nkaheza makes less-fuel consuming car

Nkaheza's new car

Joseph Nkaheza, the young inventor from western Uganda, has added another gadget to his innovations—a car.

A Primary Seven leaver, Nkaheza, 29, is the brain behind Uganda’s first private and locally made helicopter.

Nkaheza also made a 12-feet motorbike called “Rubalusimo” [loosely translated as it is a prize] which uses only steam instead of fuel.

Nkaheza told on Friday that he has invented a car that consumes very little fuel.

Victoria University

“It consumes little fuel like a motorcycle [boxer]. I used a motorcycle engine,” he explained.

“The car is made out of scrap materials, iron sheets, plastics, wood and a screen. It runs 160km per hour and has indicators which work perfectly well.”

The inventor says the 7-metre long car now needs paint and then its complete and ready for road work.

The car can play music on its screen, charge a phone, self-start and consume the least fuel.

Nkaheza started by making a machine that generates electricity, then a motorbike, then a plane and now a car.

“The money I was supposed to use to finish the plane was not enough. I decided to use it to make a car. It has already been used at people’s parties,” he explained.  

Nkaheza, 29, from Mwizi, Rwampara County in Mbarara district says his gadgets all use at least 85% Ugandan materials.

Why these innovations?

Nkaheza made the helicopter to help in mechanized agriculture through aerial spray of crops.

To help in controlling traffic for emergency cases like delivering pregnant women, he needs to invest Shs56m to accomplish this project.

The helicopter still needs about Shs122m to purchase a gas wielding equipment, aerial engine, aluminium materials, helicopter bucked seat and computer systems.

For the motorcycle, he wants to produce cheaper motorcycles so as to reduce motorcycle theft and murders of riders in Uganda as well as establish motorcycle producing company in Uganda.

He invested Shs17m in that project. He now needs Shs24m to finish the car so it can start moving on Uganda roads.

He plans on setting up a training institute and equip youth with technical skills that will help them earn a living and develop the country.

Senior government officials including deputy Attorney General, Mwesigwa Rukutana, Science and Technology minister Elioda Tumwesigye, deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj Gen Sabiiti Muzeyi, have already seen Nkaheza’s car.  

“I don’t want to sit idly. I need to invent although am still lacking support,” said the young inventor.  



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