Lukwago: I can’t leave Besigye, Mao too backed Mbabazi

Kiiza Besigye (L) and Erias Lukwago

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago says he has laboured to explain what the People’s Government is about but some people have deliberately refused to understand it.

“We shall not mind them for now,” Lukwago who is the Deputy President in opposition figure Kizza Besigye’s People’s Government, Thursday night told Patrick Kamara, the host of NTV “On the Spot” programme.  

Kamara: Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago was recently appointed Vice (Deputy) President in Kizza-Besigye’s Government. What is this People’s Government?

Lukwago: The People’s Government is a platform that was established after the rigged 2016 election. We stated then that the people’s Victory was robbed. We said then and still maintain today, that there is a legitimate government (People’s Government) and illegitimate government (Museveni Junta).

There is a legitimate Government without instruments of power and illegitimate government with instruments of power. The will of the people was vested in Dr. Kizza-Besigye but it was robbed and we must fight reclaim the people’s will.

Kamara: What exactly does the People’s Government do for the people?

Lukwago: To champion the cause of liberation. It is a war cabinet, for the oppressed to free ourselves from the shackles of this regime. If you don’t appreciate there is a crisis in this country, the breakdown of moral fibre, you are misplaced.

We have said we shall not go to the bush but we shall rally the people to remove this Museveni regime. We shall use non-violent means to remove Museveni regime. The Constitution gives the power to use our authority to remove a regime that doesn’t serve us. People’s sovereign authority was usurped. We want to rally Ugandans to reclaim their sovereign power.

Lukwago said in Venezuela, there is the People’s Government which is recognised by the International Community.

“Though ours is not recognised internationally yet, Ugandans know that the will of the people was robbed by President Kaguta Museveni.”

He said what the People’s Government is doing is to champion the cause for liberation to free “ourselves” from the shackles of this regime. “If you don’t understand that we are captives, I guess you are on a different planet.”

According to Lukwago, a non-violent struggle takes a bit of time. It requires patience, perseverance and consistency.

“We appreciate the urgency for change but violent means will take us back. Even if we wanted to go to court, we are always constrained and curtailed. I have been in court this morning following a case I appealed against in 2010. Imagine waiting for over 9 years.”

Kamara: Are you still a member of the Democratic Party?

Lukwago: You are about to ask me if I am still a man. Both the Democratic Party and FDC share the same ideology, that is why they all sacrifice to the Democratic Union of Africa (DUA).

DP Party President Norbert Mao described DP members serving in Besigye’s cabinet as watermelons.

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze who is the Information Minister in the peoples’ government fired back by calling Mao a pumpkin.

She said although Mao is green on the outside, he is yellow on the inside.

Responding to this, Lukwago said: “This man Norbert Mao calling us watermelons is the same person that supported “Go Forward” in 2016. Give me one reason why I should distance myself from Besigye if we are still in the struggle.”

Amama Mbabazi (L) and Nobert Mao

Go Forward was the pressure group under which former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi contested for presidency and lost to Museveni.

“The missing link in the Opposition is how to bring together all the available platforms, be it People Power, New Formation and I am quite optimistic that we shall reach there basing on the engagements we are having.”

Lukwago says the question should be who shouldn’t be the ballot paper, the question should be about how to make sure President Museveni is not on the ballot paper and then “we can have a transition”.

Kamara: Will you run again in 2021?

Lukwago: Right now, we are even not so sure whether we will have elections in 2021.



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