Bobi Wine predicts Museveni fall, URA ‘bills him Shs54m tax’

Bobi Wine

Kyadondo East singing MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine while addressing student leaders in Tanzania, said the problem of Africa is nothing else but failed leadership.

He asked Ugandans to keep their eyes of the prize, saying President Museveni’s imminent fall from power is unavoidable.

While the singing MP was still in Tanzania, told NBS TV’s NilePost website reported that Uganda Revenue Authority had given him a week to clear tax arrears amounting to Shs54m or face jail.

URA said the tax arrears are part of the property tax on his buildings: Magere House, One Love Beach at Busabaala and Ssemakokiro building in Kamwokya which have accumulated since 2008.

Ian Rumanyika, the URA manager for public and corporate affairs, was not readily available for a comment.

This comes shortly after the MP declared he will run against President Museveni in the 2021 elections.

This is his 27th February, 2019 message to Ugandans:

Brothers and Sisters, I salute you in the name of our motherland – Uganda and I commend you all for the efforts you continue to put in for the liberation of our nation.

While we, as leaders do our part to give direction to the struggle, it gives me so much courage seeing the increased levels of consciousness and patriotism amongst our people, young and old like never before.

That is what gives us the hope and confidence to wake up each day, working even harder to push this struggle forward.

In the recent days, a lot of things have been happening and so much has been said. I decided to write to you all to give my personal thoughts about where we stand, where we need to go and what we must do to get there.

As we all know, the regime has been in panic mode for the past months because they can clearly see that their fall is imminent.

Their game has been utterly exposed. President Museveni is fully aware that he cannot oppress the people forever. He knows very well the fate of all dictators who came before him. That is why he works day and night, using all machinations to keep himself in power- even though on borrowed time.

For a long time, he has survived by keeping the people of Uganda in the dark because he knows that as Steve Biko said, “The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”

That is why for the past 33 years, his main preoccupation has been keeping the message of hope and freedom away from the people, while feeding them on propaganda and lies that his inefficient regime of national shame is the promised messiah for this nation.

The result is that for a very long time, our people were not even aware that they were being enslaved and oppressed in their own country. Indeed, very few Ugandans knew that they deserve better; that they can live in a country where there is justice and equality.

I am most grateful to the many forces of change who have made tremendous efforts and sacrifices over the years to awaken the consciousness of this nation – be it political leaders, a few conscious artistes, the civil society, the media, etc.

These people built a foundation on which the present force has stood to raise the political consciousness of our people to these levels.

So far, the biggest achievement of our #People_Power movement in my opinion has been to raise our people’s understanding that POWER was grabbed from the PEOPLE by a group of gun wielding people in 1986 on a FALSE PROMISE of a fundamental change; and what we the PEOPLE must do to reclaim OUR POWER.

I have observed this nation for a long time and I can confidently say that we are at the verge of getting our freedom- if we keep the focus on what matters!

Visit any market, university, boda-boda stage, taxi park, office, mosque, church, car washing bay, prison or the diaspora and you will see that our people are more than ever politically alive to what is going on in their country.

Both those who have had the opportunity to attain formal education and those who have not, understand that Uganda cannot prosper unless and until Museveni’s corrupt regime is replaced by patriotic servant-leaders who truly love this nation.

I am always amazed at how even the person you least expect- in a remote area of this nation, actually knows that the people who govern us at present have negated the cherished values of democracy, good governance and the rule of law.

A hawker on the streets of Kampala understands that President Museveni continues to preside over a blatantly corrupt regime characterized by gross mismanagement, indiscipline, lack of proper planning, negative investment, high cost of living, etc.

Our ghetto people now fully understand that it is because their country is badly governed that they face the worst economic hardships leading to poverty and lack, even when they live in a very well-endowed country.

Because of a highly politicized and conscious population, the regime has responded like all dictators do when their position is greatly threatened. We have seen them become more shameless, more reckless and more dangerous. As if the unconstitutional removal of the age-limit was not enough, only last week we saw the NRM Central Executive Committee declare Museveni sole candidate for the next election. After 33 years! Without shame!

After giving them a bloody nose in the past by-elections, they illegally and tactfully decided to call-off or delay the already scheduled by-elections in the new constituencies in order to stop the population from making it clear that it is ‘term egenda’ for them. Time will not permit me to talk about the increased levels of repression and suppression through oppressive laws, exploitative taxes on social media and other goods and services, extreme use of violence, etc.

These are things we all see every day. They have not stopped at this- they have done everything possible to compromise, confuse and divide the forces of change, in the hope that they can throw us off balance. Sadly, some forces of change are always willing to yield to this.

Despite all this, YOU, majority of the people of Uganda, are getting more determined, more agitated by the status quo which does not work for you, and more resolved to change your country.

My message to you is this; we cannot allow to be diverted! We must keep our focus on the crown that awaits us when we have overcome the present forces of tyranny and oppression. We must not look on the left or on the right- we must look forward. Everything else is secondary – liberating our nation is primary.

We must major on what is major and minor on what is minor! WE ARE A TIRED GENERATION – a nation tired of manipulation. We know that our problems will not be solved by mere speeches which we have heard for years. Time is now for OKWEBELERAMU!

My call to each one of us is this – KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE.

A new, free Uganda is that prize. Focus on that, brother, sister. No matter which political party you belong to. No matter what colour you put on. No matter your tribe or your religion, profession or social class. Whether educated or uneducated. Treat everyone whose actions push towards that direction as a comrade and be sceptical of anyone whose actions divert us from that objective or delay this struggle. WE SHALL KNOW THEM NOT BY THEIR WORDS BUT BY THEIR DEEDS. Remember that no singular leader or politician or even singular political party will redeem your country – WE ARE ON OUR OWN! Me and you must see this struggle as our personal responsibility first, and then for all of us as a collective responsibility.

I do not own this struggle and it would be immoral for me or any of us to do so. Very importantly, I believe that our strength lies in our unity. We are stronger together. A PEOPLE UNITED CAN NEVER BE DEFEATED.

We continue to reach out to all pro-democracy forces in this country, in their different entities, and call upon them to shoot in the same goal. We must not look like people without direction – shooting aimlessly in all directions.

Thankfully there has been willingness and openness from majority of us to work together towards a common objective. I am ever grateful for the different leaders in hundreds who have made it clear to us that this is the direction we must take.

We have not given up persuading some colleagues who still believe in working single handedly for different reasons, to look at our history (which we know so well) and drop that idea which has not worked and can certainly not work. We are mindful that all people may not agree with our view- and even if some do not agree, we shall crystalize and build a coalition of those who are willing – WE THE PEOPLE. And yes, some will join us along the way. An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped.

To my fellow leaders, I implore us to always offer leadership and not despair to this bleeding nation. The people of Uganda have entrusted us with their hopes, aspirations and expectations. They have suffered long enough and it is criminal for any of us to delay their struggle by focusing on petty issues when we have all this work before us!

 We should never be mistaken- our people are able to read through our actions and our words. I implore us to always practice honesty, integrity and consistency in word and action. WE MUST SAY WHAT WE MEAN, AND MEAN WHAT WE SAY. That is how we can legitimately expect the same values from them.

In the coming days, I will write another message detailing what we hope to achieve by asking our people to register themselves as voters and prepare to take this regime down through constitutional means at the next general election. But in brief, we are fully aware of the manipulations by the regime of the electoral processes in the past and at the present.

We are aware that they can manipulate laws and do anything possible to entrench themselves further. What we know however, is that this is not the first dictatorship that has manipulated elections or changed the rules of the game in the middle of the game- and neither will it be the last. Our duty is to pick lessons from the past, keep our ears and eyes open and FOCUS ON THE PRIZE. We must better our game plan. We would be naïve to do the same thing all over again and expect a different result. We are on it. We must be.

For now, Get Your National Identity Card. God being on our side, we shall certainly overcome. #TuliyambalaEngule

For God and My Country.

*Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert* (Bobi Wine)

*Your brother in the struggle*



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