War of words as King Saha claims penning Chameleone songs

King Saha and Jose Chameleone

High flying singer King Saha claimed a few days ago that he is the one who penned the lyrics for singer Jose Chameleone’s Badilisha and Valuvalu songs.

Saha was while appearing on the Horizon Vibe show hosted by Calvin the Entertainer.

The self-proclaimed Africa number 6 artist has come out and rubbished the assertion as “dumb and stupid”.

“I am talented and I am a music machine,” Chameleone told edge.ug.

Victoria University

Saha who is allegedly trying to stay out of more trouble using insults, quit Leone Island five years ago.

He left with Jose Chameleone’s brother the alte AK47 to join Jeff Kiwanuka’s Goodlyfe that was on the verge of collapse after Radio and Weasel quit the crew.

UBC TV host Calvin the Entertainer asked King Saha if his current songs have anything to do with Mozey Radio’s stolen music.

Saha then claimed to have written Chameleone’s hit songs. Chameleone’s social media handler then wrote on Facebook:

“Calvin Calvo from our National Television UGANDA hosted one of my Favourite Ugandan artiste King Saha a while ago. Whom I was told claimed to be the writer of some of my greatest classics.

Now, Both the presenter and Artiste need to walk out of such a silly dream and assumptions!!! You two will run mad soon. Stop clinging and diluting people’s hard work with your mediocrity.

Ugandan people have tried to rob my credit away from my Gods blessed hands. But amazing how God still lifts me above all the hate and greed you all expose in broad day light!! Shamelessly.

I have written all and produced most of my music so pls ask those alleging, Come and borrow my magic.

As for Mr. Kingslove, You are a great Artiste who has more of your songs to claim. You never wrote none of my songs as people have said you claim.

I love and respect you bro. Let’s keep it positive and live example to the others.

There will never live another Chameleone because my story and music was a perfect portrait of my imagination.

Anyone interested in a Swahili Hit song inbox me I got more in my HeadDisk.”



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