URA re-opens The Observer newspaper offices


Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has finally re-opened The Observer Media Limited (OML) newspaper offices after seven days of tough negotiations.

Management says URA has withdrawn the seals and now the newspaper premises at Togore crescent, Kamwokya are open.

URA claims the newspaper has not paid Shs2.9b in taxes.

Of the Shs2.9b, Ian Rumanyika, the URA manager for public and corporate affairs, said Shs1.4b is for the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax which is charged on all employees earning a monthly salary income above the stated threshold as per the Income Tax Act.

Victoria University

The two parties have also made some progress on the discrepancies, and established that the Shs 2.9 billion figure did not tally with what is owed.

As a consequence the two parties, have reconciled their figures and agreed on better payment plans, which would be followed by OML, management said.

“The management of OML would like to thank its esteemed readers and advertisers for their unwavering support, trust and understanding.”

“The Observer pledges to its readers to remain the independent media house that it is and the paper that will stick to its values of fairness and balance.”



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