Museveni calls banks & money lenders leeches

Museveni commissioning an electricity line in Kiboga

President Museveni was in Kiboga District Wednesday afternoon where he commissioned a 16-kilometre electricity line and also presided over the pass-out of youth entrepreneurs who have been undergoing training at Bukomero Technical College.

The Shs1.5b new electricity line will light up Kiboga Town Council, Kambugu Town Council and areas Kibuya, Kagere, Kilulumba, Katooma and Kalyango.

He said the idea is that electricity, roads and eventually the railway, should be used to drive people into economic activity, based on good calculation (ekibalo).

“I have talked about the sectors that will help our people out of poverty on many occasions before; commercial agriculture, services, manufacturing (small, medium and big scales), and ICT.”

Victoria University

He noted that civil service would be a fifth but it cannot absorb as many people as the other four.

The president reminded the youth that they have a very big role to play in this movement (kawefube).

“This is why we are concentrating on empowering them with different interventions to skill them, and capitalize them in groups where possible.”

“I have adopted this method because my Bazukullu are being stifled by the exorbitant interest rates being levied by leeching banks and dishonest people called “money lenders”.”

Leeches are segmented parasitic or predatory worms that are closely related to the oligochaetes, which include the earthworms, and like them have soft, muscular, segmented bodies that can lengthen and contract.

He said the effect is that these individuals and groups can create wealth while they employ their peers but in this quest, discipline is paramount.

“Anybody who tells the youth of Uganda otherwise, should be treated with utmost scorn and suspicion. I thank you.”



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