Bagyenda was like a demi-god acting a movie, says Katuntu

Justine Bagyenda

Members of Parliament have lauded Speaker Rebecca Kadaga saying she is among the few Ugandans who are committed to fighting corruption as evidenced during the Bank of Uganda investigations.

MPs applauded Kadaga for standing strong throughout BoU investigations during plenary debating the report presented by the commissions, state authorities and state enterprises (COSASE).

Former Cosase chairperson Abdu Katuntu said they have those names and shall give them to parliament today.

“We have nothing to hide. As we give these names, we need to be cautious of the case of Fox Odoi v. Attorney General.”

Victoria University

He added: “Will this report pass the legal test? If you think it will pass that test, then go ahead. We did not want this report to go down the drain.”

Katuntu said they could hold Bank of Uganda Governor Emmanuel Mutebile and his deputy Louis Kasekende responsible for the messy closure and sale of defunct commercial banks.

“How do we name people when there were minutes of the meetings. Where they hiding the minutes, I think they were. We could hold the Governor and Deputy Governor responsible.”

Katuntu suggested the need for some professional body to carry out investigations.


“How do you hold meetings to sell off banks and you have no minutes? We were very angry. It was like a movie. That anger; we will have it but has to be measured.”

He said external lawyers are actually directors of commercial banks. “How do you get a lawyer of a commercial bank to be a principal adviser of a central bank against another bank?”

Katuntu said he has opened a door that had never been opened before.

According to Katuntu, the Director Bank supervision Justice Bagyenda was acting as a deity in a movie where she dished out orders with borrowed powers.

“Never. The commercial banks have been terrorised but had no way out and where to go. The Director Bank supervision was a demi-god.”

A demigod or demi-god is a minor deity, or a mortal or immortal who is the offspring of a god and a human, or a figure who has attained divine status after death.

Katuntu said even President Museveni was concerned about her actions: “The President wrote objecting.”

Hon Francis Mwijukye [Buhweju County) too wondered: “Where was Bagyenda getting all those powers? She would order banks to take money to her. We are told she had ‘black mambas”. What was the source of those powers?”



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