State House says VP Ssekandi not sacked

VP Ssekandi

State House has trashed rumours claiming President Museveni has sacked Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi as Vice President.

Ssekandi has been Vice President since May 24, 2011 when he replaced Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya who had served from May 23, 2003.

According to the social media rumours, Museveni named Ssekandi a special presidential advisor on Buganda affairs and appointed Apollo Nelson Makubuya as vice president.

Makubuya is a former 3rd deputy prime minister of Buganda kingdom.

Senior Press Secretary to the President, Don Wanyama, said in a statement saying the WhatsApp message was fake.

Victoria University

“Colleagues, this has been brought to my notice. It is fake. I have not issued any such statement. Please disregard,” he wrote on social media. The rumours come days after Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II reshuffled his cabinet naming Makubuya his Chief Advisor of the Buganda Kingdom.



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