Nakalema arrests Mbarara district bosses over land grabs

Nakalema meeting Mbarara leaders

The Anti-Corruption Unit of State House on Sunday arrested the Chief Administrative Officer [CAO], Senior Land Management officer and other officials at Mbarara district for land grabbing.

CAO Cuthbert Esoku was arrested alongside a Surveyor Godliver Nayebare and District Physical planner Julius Luck.

Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema, the head of the unit, said she carried out an operation in Mbarara district after receiving allegations that district officials had irregularly allocated to themselves district land.

They had not followed procedures nor due process.

They were parcelling out the land under the guise of implementing a satellite city on the district land.

It was also alleged that various pieces of land had been grabbed e.g. Veterinary services land that Hon Charles Ngabirano, MP for Rwampara, had been accused of grabbing.

“We met the district officials, councillors and staff from Uganda Land Commission (ULC). ULC indicted that the approvals for satellite had not been granted.”

The discussions didn’t provide clarity on how the affected land was parcelled out.

“We handed over the CAO, Senior Land Management officer and other officials to police, CID, to provide further information,” she said.

There was also another complaint that indicated that there had been misappropriation of Shs360m for the construction of Koranorya road.

“We inspected the road too where the officials of the State House infrastructure unit took measurements and carried out tests.”

Consequently, the Assistant engineering official in charge of the construction of the road was handed of CID for further investigations.

“We thank Ugandan citizens that continue to share information related to corruption across the country. Together, we shall defeat this terrible vice, corruption.”



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