URA impounds shisha consignment


Uganda Revenue Authority‏ [URA] Anti-Smuggling Unit has impounded a consignment of shisha [tobacco sometimes mixed with fruit or sugar molasses].

Shisha inhalation was popular in Kampala hangouts until its ban.

Shisha typically contains tobacco, sometimes mixed with fruit or sugar molasses. Popular flavours are apple, strawberry, mint and cola.

URA’s Commissioner for Customs Dickson Kateshumba said though touted as a harmless “social activity”, it has been argued that one hour of smoking shisha is equivalent to inhaling more than 100 cigarettes.

It is usually smoked through a water pipe that is heated by charcoal to produce a smoke, he noted.

For health reasons, Government in 2015 banned the importation, distribution and smoking of shisha.

Last Thursday, Team One secured intelligence about a suspicious consignment containing items declared as “coal charcoal lights”.

Curious about the consignment, a super lady officer was deployed to examine the consignment and upon examining the container, shisha accessories were unearthed.

The consignment was all seized and deposited into the Customs warehouse at Nakawa headquarters.

Physical verification of the intercepted shisha revealed;- *15 cartons x 24 packages x 30 pieces of premium quick lighting charcoal *22 cartons x 12 pieces of complete shisha pots *9 cartons x 19 kilograms of shisha pot accessories.

“Desist from illicit trade!” Kateshumba said.



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