UCC lists licensed & unlicensed postal, courier operators


The Uganda Communications Commission [UCC] has updated the status of operations by postal and courier operators in Uganda.

The regulator listed both licenced and unlicensed postal and courier operators for the benefit of the public.

UCC defines postal services as services performed and facilities provided in connection with: a) The collection, transmission and delivery by land, water or air of postal articles; b) The issue of postage stamps and the use of franking machines; and c) The issue and payment of money from one place to another or address commonly referred to as money ordering.

UCC is a body Corporate established under Section 4 of the Uganda Communications Act 2013 to regulate communication services in Uganda, including telecommunications, radio, television, broadcasting and postal and courier services.

In accordance with section 5 of the Uganda Communications Act 2013, the Commission is mandated to monitor, inspect, license, supervise, control and regulate all communications services in Uganda.

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Further, section 33 of the Uganda Communications Act 2013 prohibits any person(s) from conveying, delivering or distributing postal articles without a license issued under this Act.

Under Section 2 of the Act, Postal articles are defined to include any letter, postcard, newspaper, book, document, pamphlet, pattern, sample packet, small packet, parcel package or other article tendered for dispatch or specified in the International Postal Union or the license of an operator.

Find a breakdown of licensed and unauthorised postal and courier operators for ease of reference:



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