I know why your husband beat you, Ashburg tells Kazibwe

Bobi Wine greeting Kazibwe

Ashburg Katto, a close friend of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, has fired back at former Vice President Specioza Naigaga Wandira Kazibwe.

On Sunday, Specioza went out of her way and questioned Bobi Wine’s intentions for attending the funeral of deceased Bishop Cyprian Kikuni Bamwoze of Busoga diocese.

She started by ridiculing Bobi Wine, wondering why he turned up uninvited for the event. “Why have you come to attend the burial of someone you don’t know?” Specioza asked in Lusoga.

The mourners did not allow her to finish her speech. They booed her and caused a fracas.

Ashburg Katto attacks

Victoria University

Ashiraf Katto alias Ashburg, the founder of Ghetto TV, used his social media platform to reach out to Kazibwe accusing her of misbehaviour.

Katto said as soon as Bobi Wine reached Bugembe Grounds, the first thing he did was to greet his elders with all due respect.

“You were among the elders. He spent more than 5 minutes in your hands. Whatever you whispered to him, he seemed to be an understanding person,” he noted.

He then pointed out: ”I was shocked by your bitter words then. Guess you heard how your own people booed you when you tried to bully the same man who has never done any bad comedy out of your character?”

According to Katto, even the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga booed Kazibwe and looked in disbelief wondering “what the hell”.

Kazibwe looks as Bobi greets elders

“Yes, you wanted to bounce back. Let me help you with some few minutes of fame.”


He went on: “Do you remember how Doctor Kazibwe used to punch your mouth every day?? Well, I now know the reason why. You lack morals.”

In April 2002, Kazibwe filed for divorce from her husband, saying that she refused to be the victim of continued domestic violence.

Her husband opposed the divorce, citing his Catholic faith, and saying that his wife had come home late without giving a proper explanation, and had joined with some other politicians he did not like.

Finding it difficult to perform her political duties and deal with the increasingly messy divorce case, on Wednesday, 21 May 2003, Kazibwe stepped down from her positions in government, asking to be allowed to continue her doctorate at Harvard University.

Karamoja dams

Katto remind Kazibwe of the valley dams scandal that marked the down of her career back in the late 90s.

“In 1999, you stole money meant for valley dams in Karamoja but we kept quiet. Don’t think we forgot…”

MPs wanted to censure Kazibwe, then minister for agriculture and animal industry and fisheries, for failing to supervise the $ 2.1 million meant for the construction of valley dams countrywide.

Bobi greets other elders

She only presented six out of the 15 valley dams leaving Shs3.4bn Livestock Services Project money unaccounted for.

In her 22-page response to the select committee probing the valley dams saga Kazibwe said there was a delay in the project because of the El-Nino rains, which climaxed in September 1997, the month the contract was signed.

Bamwoze funeral and Bobi Wine saga

Katto wondered what gave Kazibwe the right to determine who would attend or not attend bishop Bamwoze’s funeral.

“So you think the late Bamwoze knew everyone who came to give him a decent send off? How funny? At least not from an intellectual like you.”

Kazibwe who was invited by Speaker Kadaga, the chief mourner, said: “I do not just go shaking people’s hands like that. I do not know what Bobi Wine has come here for because he does not know the deceased.”

She added: “If you are going for a funeral, just as other mourners, come in silently and sit down. Now you (heckling mourners) are grumbling, you other mourners, Bobi Wine is coming from overseas.”

In response, Bobi Wine told Daily Monitor that he was shocked about the former vice president’s behaviour.



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