Sheilah Gashumba lover God’s Plan married with baby?

God's Plan with his alleged wife and child

A picture is making rounds on social media showing that God’s Plan, the new boyfriend to pencil thin TV presenter Sheilah Gashumba, already has a family.

The picture shows Plan with a woman said to be “his official wife”.

The ‘big spender’ has been having a merry time with the ‘Lil Stunner’ in Kampala and Dubai where they go shopping and love-making.

In her tweets Monday, Sheilah said she needed to “stay close to people who feel like sunshine”.

“Lol!! I feel pity for sad and hateful people on the internet. I can already imagine how much sadness you have in your lives, homes and relationships and I can only feel sad about how toxic y’all to the people around. Sorry for you, may you get well soon from,” she tweeted.

Too much love?

On Valentine’s Day, Sheilah hit Abryanz Collection centre where she massively shopped for her new boyfriend.

Gashumba and God’s Plan kissing

“Thank you sooo much Lil stunner for always considering the number fashion house in Kampala,” said management of the Garden City Shopping Mall based shop.

On the day for lovers, Sheilah wrote on her social media: “This year’s valentine is a special one!! This is the only Valentine’s Day that I have celebrated with someone that I truly love by my side”.

She added: “The only stranger that I have ever met that turned out to be the perfect one. You saw me at my best and at my very worst and you made sure I get back to my very best.”

The 23 year-old poured out her heart to the boyfriend who she referred to as Marcus.

“Even when the world judged me, you never did since the very first time you saw me in July last year, you was still patient to get to know who I was,” she wrote.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Marcus and I want to remind you every day that there is no better decision I have made in my personal life like deciding to giving you my time and getting to you know. Your character and traits is exactly what I had ever wanted in a man. Thank you for the daily advice on that kind of woman I should become and for supporting me through everything.”

On her birthday which also happens to fall in February, the month of lovers, God’s Plan spoiled Sheilah with an extravagant floral display and an adorable puppy.

“Awwww!! I woke up to this ❤️😘Cutest and most thoughtful surprise ever ❤️ Thank you Mr God’s plan 🙏 Happy birthday to me once again,” she wrote, sharing the gifts.

They had just returned from a Dubai vacation that lasted weeks during the month of January.

God’s Plan is already married?

It is not yet clear how the gossip of God’s Plan being married will affect the TV host.

She had earlier dared advise city events MC Kats and his troublesome singing girlfriend Fille Mutoni on matters of the heart.

“This @mckatsug and @FilleOfficial drama needs to stop. I think it’s getting abit out of hand. Wish yourselves good luck, peace and good health and move on. The internet isn’t the best place to solve this and please don’t forget to respect yourselves,” she wrote.

What will she do if her Mr God’s Plan’s marriage rumours begin to manifest some grain of truth?



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