Mourners boo ex-VP Kazibwe for attacking Bobi Wine

Specioza Kazibwe

Drama unfolded on Sunday when former Vice President Specioza Naigaga Wandira Kazibwe was booed by mourners for attacking Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

The surgeon and politician is also referred to as “Nnalongo”, because of her twin daughters.

She was Vice President of Uganda from 1994 to 2003. She was the first woman in Africa to hold the position of vice-president of a sovereign nation.

On Sunday, Specioza went out of her way and questioned Bobi Wine’s intentions for attending deceased Bishop Cyprian Kikuni Bamwoze of Busoga diocese.

Bamwoze who was laid to rest yesterday got a befitting send-off of an official state burial complete with a 21 gun salute at Bugembe Cathedral in Jinja District.

Bobi Wine was among the politicians including FDC President Patrick Amuriat, UPC President Jimmy Akena, Kampala minister Beti Kamya, Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah and Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, who attended the burial.

When it was her turn to speak, Specioza started by ridiculing Bobi Wine, wondering why he turned up uninvited for the event.

“Why have you come to attend the burial of someone you don’t know?” Specioza asked in Lusoga.

She rumbled on in Lusoga attacking Bobi Wine with all sorts of verbal artillery. The mourners did not allow her to finish her speech. They booed her and caused a fracas.

Bobi Wine had even personally walked up to her and greeted her with the utmost respect.

It was Speaker Kadaga, the chief mourner, who saved the day. Kadaga too had joined the mourners in a chorus of disapproving murmurs.

Kadaga went straight to the point, praising Bamwoze as a self-made man whose commitment to the rural communities is unrivalled and he touched so many lives to deserve and merit the State funeral.

Kadaga cited his unfinished work like Busoga integrated Rural Development Centre at Naminage and writing a Lusoga dictionary which she said must be completed to sustain his legacy.

With Kadaga’s intervention, the crowd’s anger subsided. Specioza was then let off without any harm caused to her person.

Specioza in 2008 suggested to MPs that funerals should be limited to Saturday afternoons to stop people taking time off work to attend them.

“I get surprised whenever I hear of a politician who abandons office and attends a funeral.”

She also argued that burials were taking up lots of time as well as productive vehicles.

Specioza who was then head of a state development agency, noted that Uganda’s death rate was very high because of HIV/AIDS suggesting that each constituency should have a mortuary with a fridge that could preserve corpses.



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