Ishaka nursing school probed for caning students


The ministry of Education and Sports is currently investigation an incident at Ishaka Adventist School of Nursing in Bushenyi where tutors were caught on camera caning students.

The ministry banned corporal punishments in schools and colleges in 2016 but such incidents persist.

In a statement issued by Lydia Komugisha, the Senior Hospital Administrator for Ishaka Adventist hospital, which owns the school, the management regretted the incident.


Komugisha confirmed that indeed the caning incidences all happened on January 30, 2019.

She said the two female students; Rebecca Mbabazi and Katusiime Atuhaire (escaped from school) were caned at the request of their parents.

Male students were caned for trespassing in the compound.

Mbabazi was reportedly allocated night duty at the hospital’s ward but after 10pm, she disappeared without permission and sneaked into the boys’ dormitory where she spent the night.

She reportedly returned at around 4.45am the next morning and was refused access into the ward by the tutor in charge of placement.

Komugisha says Mbabazi was then reported to the principal who suspended her on January 17 and asked her report back with her parents.

On January 30, Mbabazi came back with her mother who was informed of the management’s decision to dismiss the student from school.

According to Komugisha, Mbabazi’s mother pleaded that she be allowed to discipline the student by caning instead of her being dismissed from the student.

On the second incident, Katusiime Atuhaire escaped and spent a whole week from school.

Concerned, the school administrators reportedly called her parents’ to check for her whereabouts.

When she finally returned to the school, she was told to go and come back with her father, who also reportedly pleaded with the school for her to be caned.

On the third video where a clinical instructor is seen caning male students, Komugisha says these were caned for trespassing in the school compound.

She says the unnamed clinical officer and deputy principal who participated in the caning of the students have been suspended pending further investigations.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Principal Rutakoba Joab and the clinical instructor one Isaac were suspended over the matter.

Human rights commission

The Uganda Human rights commission has also started investigating the nursing school for alleged human rights violations.

Rose Atim, the South Western Regional Human Rights officer, told, a local website that management will be held responsible for the actions of their tutors.

Atim said that it appears that the school condones corporal punishment and the commission would like to establish why torture is meted on students.



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