Uganda best tourist destination, Museveni tells Israelites

Museveni meeting tourists

President Museveni on Saturday interacted with tourists and staff of Chobe Safari Lodge in Nwoya District.

The NRM Central Executive Committee is in Chobe for a five-day retreat, where they will among others, discuss issues of ideology and the politico-economic direction of the country.

At Chobe Safari Lodge, Museveni made time to meet leaders of a group of 250 Israeli tourists who are visiting Uganda.

This group came here via a chartered direct flight from Israel, something that had not happened since the early 1970s.

Victoria University

“I welcome them to Uganda. Our country, given its location along the Equator, has perhaps the best all-year weather in the world.”

He added: “We also have lots of tourist attractions, from wild game in our parks to other features like the Source of River Nile.”

From the amazing gorillas in Bwindi in Western Uganda to the breath-taking Sipi falls in Eastern Uganda, Museveni said any tourist would be spoilt for choice.

Importantly, it is the warmth of Ugandans that would make any tourist feel at home here, he noted.

“Uganda is the best tourist destination.”



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