Nankabirwa models, flaunts curves in parliament

Govt Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa

There was drama in Parliament on Wednesday when Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa, modelled on the floor of the house to show off her curves.

The incident happened during a plenary session chaired by Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, while the Minister of State for Tourism, Hon Godfrey Kiwanda defended himself over the campaign aimed at using curvy women as a tourist attraction.

Kiwanda said that his participation at the launch of the contest was to support a beauty standard which is in line with the country’s native cultural preferences and not using curvy women as tourist attractions.

“I do strongly believe that women just like men should not be taken as commodities. There are some people who have been insinuating that I said tourists would come to see women with curves; on the contrary, I meant tourism begins with the people,” said Kiwanda.

Agago Woman MP Franca Akello took the floor and asked the deputy speaker if it was in order for Hon Kiwanda to segregate women who don’t have curves.

“Is it in order for him to say, for example, Hon Ruth Nankabirwa who doesn’t have curves…who is not curvy and myself who is not curvy…is it in order for Honourable to believe we can’t contribute?” Akello asked.

Oulanyah replied saying he was not a judge to determine whether Nankabirwa has the curves or not.

Nankabirwa leapt to her feet pocketing in her light dress. She moved around, modelled and flaunted her curves to the cheers and laughter of fellow legislators.

Nankabirwa later told press she was forced to flaunt her curves to silence doubters.

Earlier, Kiwanda who quoted the story of creation in Genesis Chapter 1 of the Bible said that the idea of appreciating people is not evil since it started with God.

“After the creation of man and woman, God looked at them and appreciated his work; when we appreciate the goodness in us, we are also praising God,” said Kiwanda.



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