Club Guvnor murder convict Kamyuka freed

City businessman Ivan Kamyuka

Ivan Kamyuka was on Friday released by Court of Appeal judge on bail pending his appeal hearing.

Kamyuka was last year found guilty of manslaughter of John Ahimbisibwe aka Jonnie who was a Club Guvnor patron in 2015.

Justice Wilson Kwesiga of the High Court had ruled that the deceased provoked Kamyuka by assaulting his wife.

Kamyuka says the trial judge Kwesiga failed to consider and resolve contradictions in the prosecution evidence, failed to evaluate and consider the video recordings evidence and erred in law and fact when he found that the deceased used excessive force when defending his wife from the attack of the deceased.

Kamyuka and his lawyer Galisonga

On Friday, Julius Galisonga, Kamyuka’s lawyer, told court that his client, who is now serving a sentence of three years and eight months, is a law-abiding citizen who will not abuse bail conditions.

Victoria University

Galisonga also said Kamyuka presented the three substantial sureties and would not jump bail or fail to appear in court.

Court of Appeal Justice Cheborion Barishaki granted Kamyuka a cash bail of Shs10m and his sureties each a non-cash bond of Shs10m.

He will report to the court’s registrar on February 22.



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