Police blocks LoP Aol from stepping in Apaa

LoP Ocan confronts a police officer

Security personnel have Thursday blocked Members of Parliament who had gone to visit the disputed Apaa land between Adjumani and Amuru district.

A confrontation ensued when the team led by Leader of the Opposition, Betty Aol Ocan, tried to access the village where conflict has been ripe only to be stopped by police.

The opposition MPs touring Northern Uganda were blocked from visiting Apaa sub-parish on the Amuru/Adjumani border where unrest among locals has led to death and destruction of property

A senior police officer was seen telling Ocan she is not allowed to reach her destination.

Victoria University

“We don’t want you to reach there,” the officer insisted.

“We are going there. We won’t interfere with the security meeting. What is the problem? Isn’t this part of Uganda?” Ocan asked.

Amuru district RDC, Lilly Auma, told Ocan, that their request for the visit was sent to the wrong district/ Amuru instead of Adjumani where Apaa falls.

A few days ago, machete men attacked a village in Apaa, hacked four people and set 13 huts on fire.

It is suspected the attackers were from the Acholi community who Wednesday attacked their Madi community neighbours near Ngoro River in Zoka Centre, Mgbai Village, in Itirikwa Sub-county.

The attackers, according to victims, were wielding machete, spears, bows and arrows.

This happened in the same week UPDF promised to deploy a battalion to the area.

President Museveni’s while speaking in Kitgum District said local leaders were fuelling the conflict while seeking cheap popularity.



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