MPs tell Makerere VC Nawangwe to resign

Makerere Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe is appearing before the Education Committee

Members of Parliament have asked Makerere Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, to do the needful and resign for the country’s top institution.

Prof. Nawangwe was Thursday appearing before the Education Committee to answer queries on the recent strike at the University.

He was also asked to respond to Speaker Rebecca Kadaga’s concerns on gender inequality in the recent appointments to the University board.

It was Kalungu Member of Parliament Hon. Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu who led the onslaught.

Ssewungu first demanded an apology from the chair of Makerere University Council Mrs Lorna Magara for continuously absconding Committee sermons.

Answering Kadaga’s question, Lorna told the committee chaired by Hon. Jacob Opolot that there is a misconception that the affirmative Action (1.5 addition to the female students) compromises merit, which is not true.

To supplement, Prof Nawangwe said Makerere University holds gender equality as one of its yard stick’s towards development among the teaching staff, students and the support staff.

“Prof Nawangwe is making us think that there is learning at Makerere but we all know that’s not true,” Ssewungu cut in.

He said lecturers can actually report at the University, enter lecture rooms but not teach.

“I was a teacher and I know this.”

He said the office of Prof Nawangwe is clearly fighting staff from forming and joining Labour Unions.

He said these Unions are mandated by the law and should be allowed to stand as long as they are regulated by the law.

“Prof Nawangwe should stop being ignorant, intimidating and suspending staff without any justification. I advise the VC to just resign because he has failed to solve the problems of Makerere,” Ssewungu concluded.

The council had earlier contradicted Nawangwe on the suspension of leaders of staff associations saying they will handle the matter gradually.



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