Chameleone ‘buys’ Shs922m house in Atlanta US

Chameleone holding his baby outside the Atlanta house

Singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone has reportedly purchased a house for his family in the United States of America.

According to sources, the whopping $250,000 [about Shs922m] house is located in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia state.

According to information reaching this desk, the singer was forced to purchase the house, after his family of five that includes his estranged wife Danielle Atim Mayanja, overstayed their hosts welcome at a residence in Boston.

Chameleone and Daniella in the new house

It is said that though Danielle has maintained that her relationship with the singer is over, thanks to his continued froth binge related adulterous lifestyle, she has since zeroed on looking after the children.

However, being a dedicated dad, Chameleone is said to have embarked on a mission to find a house for his family with the help of a top promoter and his elder brother who lives there.

It should be noted that this revelation comes a few days after the Uganda Revenue Authority [URA] said he owes the tax body Shs120m unpaid taxes.

URA threatened to attach his new Land Cruiser donated to him by a Southern Sudanese moneyed babe Achai Wiir.

Those in the know, however, tell us that it would have been impossible for Chameleone to personally pay for the house and that he might be using a conduit American citizen of Ugandan decent to have it paid for through a mortgage.

His elder brother Humfrey Mayanja used to repair and sell phones on Wilson Street in Kampala.

We are told his younger brother Pallaso’s wife’s relatives are also in the US.



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