Angry Lusanja residents chase away DPC Magyezi

Kasangati DPC Magyezi being chased by residents

There was drama Thursday morning in Lusanja, Kawempe division when residents chased a senior police officer accusing him of working against them.

Tensions run high after two children drowned in a pit latrine which was still under construction.

The residents who were illegally evicted businessman Medard Kiconco have been trying to rebuild their homes. Kiconco demolished their homes using a wrong court order.

This was worsened by the Thursday morning police deployment led by Kasangati DPC, Raphael Magyezi.

Police reportedly cordoned off the area and allegedly tried to take away the children’s dead bodies, evoking anger from the mourners.

The mourners responded by forcing DPC Magyezi out of Lusanja.

They accuse him of leading the operation that led to the demolition of their houses by businessman Medard Kiconco, last year.

Residents turn rowdy

Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine rushed to the area to grieve with the residents.

He said MP Latif Ssebagala had kept him in touch with the developments on the ground.

He said things cannot continue the way they are.

“Our leaders have to change their mindsets. The president of this country came here. He knows your situation. But it seems we have to solve our own problems.”

He told them not to lose hope because it would mean betraying the children who died at the hands of injustice.

In December last year, the Land Division of the High Court in Kampala ruled that the eviction and demolition of structures in Lusanja following a court order by the Nabweru Chief Magistrates court was illegal.

Over 200 residents at -Lusanja village in Kasangati Town Council, Wakiso District were in October left homeless after Nabweru Chief Magistrate, Esther Nasambu, issued an eviction order on the contentious land but the Principal Judge ordered the Land Division to review the case.



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