Tycoon Young plazas closed as Muhangi family fights over assets

Pictures by Kelvin Atuharwe

City buildings Namaganda plaza, MM plaza, Jumbo Arcade, Zai plaza all owned by tycoon Mansur Matovu aka Young were on Wednesday closed for the second time in a space of months.

Traders that run businesses at those buildings were left stranded since they were not given a reason why the plazas were closed.

However it is alleged that there are ongoing fights between caretakers of the late Muhangi Estate and tycoon Young.

In November 2018, Namaganda, Zai, Majestic and M.M. plazas, all on Luwum Street, and Jumbo Plaza on Parliament Avenue, were closed.

Also closed were; Mini-Price on Ben Kiwanuka Street and Energy Centre on Sikh Road.

City tycoons Mansur Matovu, alias Young, and Drake Lubega said they were saving their buildings from being taken over “illegally” by the late rally driver Charles Muhangi.

Before his death last year, Muhangi had allegedly forced  Young and Lubega out of Qualicel Bus Terminal, Qualicel building and Nabukera Plaza.

Muhangi’s family still claims ownership of the 0.518 hectare of the land on which Qualicel Bus Terminal, Qualicel building and Nabukera Plaza.

Matovu and Lubega insist they legally own the land on which they have had developments for more than 13 years now.

The late Muhangi had also said the whole land is valued at about $30m (about Shs112.2bn) has been the rightful owner of the land since 2002, but the two tycoons forcefully occupied and developed it leading to a 13-year battle in court.

Muhangi widow, brothers fight

Muhangi’s widow, Patience Mbabazi, has now rushed to High Court Family Division seeking interim authority to manage the property of her deceased husband.

The closed buildings belong to Young

In the motion, Mbabazi has asked the High Court Family Division in Kampala to grant her powers of attorney to keep off other claimants from meddling into and mismanaging Muhangi’s estate until her application for letters of administration has been disposed of by the Administrator General.

Her suit says any attempts to manage and protect the said properties and business interests both in the names of Charles Muhangi and Horizon Coaches Ltd and to ward off third parties, attempting to intermeddle therewith have been faced with challenge of apparent and current lack of legal capacity by the widow.

Mbabazi is seeking to be granted powers to continue prosecuting the property cases which her late husband left pending in court.

She says after her husband’s death late last year, it is no longer legally possible to pursue and protect his rights and interests in the shares held in Horizon Coaches and Mountain Gear Group until the final grant of letters of administration.

She says if she is not granted interim powers to save Muhangi’s estate from plunder, there will be no property to protect by the time the Administrator General grants the powers of attorney for her late husband’s estate.

The Family Division court on Monday summoned one of Muhangi’s brothers.

Some of the disputed properties are; Plot 64 in Kampala Central Division, in Makindye Division, on Mukabya Road and Block 257, Plot 607 in Mengo-Kyadondo.

Others are Plot 34-36 on Semawata Road in Kampala, Plot 35-37 in Kabale Municipality on Nyerere Avenue, Plot 39 in Kabale Municipality, Plot 9 on William Street Kampala and Plot 48-52 Nakivubo Road commonly known as Baganda Bus Park.

Others are also in Mbarara Municipality. Mbabazi also listed a Toyota Land Cruiser, UAS 133 B.

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