Curvy girls drug to men brains: Uganda registers 140

A sexy woman

A 2011 research by showed that a curvy body was like a drug to men’s brains.

Scientists concluded that “watching a curvaceous woman could feel like a reward in the brain of men, much as drinking alcohol or taking drugs might.”

In an article titled: “End of an era as curvy bodies make comeback” published May 30, 2013, The Observer wrote: It is believed that men enjoy watching curveous ladies as much they enjoy taking alcohol.

There was a time, not long ago, when thin was synonymous with beauty as handed down by Hollywood movies.

In Kampala, The Obsessions and the model Priscilla Ray’s petite figures dropped many a man’s jaws.

The new trend erased the once yearned-for-by-men and envied-by-women skinny model-size girls.

Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian’s voluptuous bodies took the world by a storm.

In Uganda, curves like Desire Luzinda, Zuena Kirema and Shamim Namawa’s (aka Uganda’s Nicki Minaj) caused high waves.

Desire Luzinda

Similarly, a 2012 poll of 4,000 adults conducted by British weekly magazine Grazia, found out that men are most attracted to women who have curves, rather than skinny women.

And Nancy Hayssen, author of 101 Sexy Secrets: How to be Sexy & Beautiful at ANY Size, says 80 per cent of men aged 18 to 50 say they want a voluptuous woman.

Miss Curvy Uganda registers 140

Last week, Tourism minister Godfrey Kiwanda sparked a social media firestorm when he launched “Miss Curvy Uganda” making sexy voluptuous women a tourism asset.

Now Miss Curvy Uganda, the company behind the controversial Miss Curvy beauty pageant, says 140 well-endowed women have registered for the contest set for June.

Anne Mungoma, the chief executive officer of Miss Curvy Uganda, told Daily Monitor she is surprised by the uproar over the announcement of the beauty contest.

“This event is a beauty pageant for the natural-plus-size, which we must embrace and appreciate. We want the beauty queens to express themselves; so appreciate their intellect and clear the impression that a beauty queen must be size zero,” she said.

Mungoma said the event is meant to show the world that Uganda is endowed with natural African women from who many campaigns to promote tourism can be designed.

“Brazil has a carnival, are they selling their women? Tourists go to see the Karimojong, the Masai, and the Batwa; are they up for sale? Curvaceous women are eye-catching people unless they are saying we restrict beauty pageants to only slim ladies,” she wondered.

She said the winner of Miss Curvy Uganda will have the opportunity to participate in Miss Curvy Africa and finally Miss Curvy World, just as Quinn Abenakyo did Uganda proud by participating in the just concluded Miss World beauty contest.

Mungoma said if a Ugandan participant wins the Miss Curvy World contest, this would help promote the country’s image and get the world to know Uganda more.



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