Police probes how Shaniz trafficked drugs via Entebbe to Dubai

Shaniz Kartel

Uganda police has started investigating how a Ugandan girl working in United Arab Emirates trafficked drugs through Entebbe airport to Dubai airport where she was arrested.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga told the state-run New Vision that Shaniz Kartel was found in possession of drugs at Dubai airport after her luggage was intercepted by authorities.

Enanga said they would respect the laws of Dubai where she was arrested.

Shaniz, in an audio, said a one Vegas [Samson Kyamaggwa] sent her to bring him matooke, posho and beans which she received from his sister.

Victoria University

She did not know there were drugs in the luggage until Dubai authorities arrested.

“Well, she may be a victim of circumstance but we may not rule out the issue of negligence on her side,” Enanga told Vision.

Enanga said police is trying to establish the person Vegas sent to bring the consignment to Shaniz before she left Entebbe airport and how this happened without security discovering there were drugs inside.

The police mouthpiece said the Anti-narcotic department will go back into the system and check to ascertain who gave in the luggage, who checked it, when and how it left the airport without noticing there was some drugs inside.

The chief suspect Samson Kyamaggwa aka ‘DJ Vegas’ is still in hiding. He was reportedly living in Turkey before he relocated to Dubai.

Shaniz is one of the self-styled city socialites with a record of spending money. She hit her jackpot in Bangkok Thailand recently before relocating to Dubai.



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