‘Miss Curvy’ boss Ann Mungooma praised as sharp shooter

Ann Mungooma [green dress] with Kiwanda

President Museveni was asked about Minister Godfrey Kiwanda’s support of an initiative by a group of young people led by Ann Mungooma promoting ‘Miss Curvy’ campaign which has stirred controversies among women activists.

The President was ‘ambushed’ by journalists shortly after he launched the six phase of the Presidential Investors Roundtable at State House.

President Museveni said while promoting Miss Curvy is not a cabinet decision as insinuated by one of the journalists, his suspicion is that after Uganda embracing and appreciating Ms Quiin Abenakyo who won the Miss World Africa Contest in China and was later hosted by the President and by the parliament of Uganda, the young people in their thinking must have said if beauty is a selling point for a country and the world, let’s be creative.

“I suspect these young people where being creative. One of these young people Ann Mungooma is a sharp shooter. Her father was an officer in the army who represented Uganda in shooting, she is good. We should talk to them quietly.”

He went on: “I suspect when Miss World won the beauty contest, in their simple reasoning they started this and talked to Kiwanda. We shall advise them and understand where they are coming from. They may have thought if beauty is good, how about structure,” he said.

The President cautioned that instead of so called activists who are full of themselves criticizing these young people, they should talk to them and handle them with sympathy.

“What is the boundary between beauty? If you can compete for beauty (Nalulungi), how about structure (Nabitege). I can’t explain to my young people that Nalulungi is more beautiful than Nabitege. How do you say who is right? This whole idea started with appearance. If you appreciate one, why not the other?”

“We should discuss if appearance is an issue. Maybe we made a mistake by appreciating Nalulungi. I was wondering…could I allow my grandchildren to participate…Noo! I had my private views but did not want to raise them when I hosted Abenakyo. I only commented on her wig. The question is should our children be involved in exploitative appearances,” he said.

The President said the whole country encouraged Miss World Africa Abenakyo to sell Uganda.

“If we did that, were we right, only slim ones? Of course people should not come to look at our women. When we had AIDS, I came and shouted, ‘avoid skirts and trousers’, people said am discouraging tourism. I told them if the tourists come, they should stick to their terms of reference,” he said.



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